Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Best Burger There Is......I know because I've had them all

I am afraid I have characterized my grilling as much douchier than it really is. I mean, grilled soup??? That kind of fancy stuff represents the minority of what I cook. So tonight, we get back to a Meat Blaster staple, the ULTIMATE BURGER!!!!!!

I have eaten an absurd number of burgers with an almost upsetting variety of toppings at a purely ridiculous number of restaurants, bars, cookouts and cafeterias, and I think I have distilled and collected all of their Goods and avoided or cut out most of their Bads to create the near perfect recipe. Now, let me clarify, flavored or specialty burgers are a class all their own, but here, I'm talking about the good ole American original.

The tale of the perfect burger starts with the pork......ERRRRRKKKKK!!!!! (Car slamming on the brakes sound effect). Did he say the pork? Yes, he did. Credit the awesome Baja Burger restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama for introducing me to pork burgers. Pure beef can just get so dry, that once I started adding a little pork, my burgers were added to the menus of the restaurants in heaven.
I have discovered that the perfect pork to cut the beef is pork sausage. It has great seasoning already, and it is full of fat which means juicy goodness. I use about a pound of 90/10 ground beef and about 1/2 a pound of pork sausage. When mixing, I then add about 3 tablespoons of A-1 sauce and 1 teaspoonful garlic powder and mix. Like any ground meat, don't over mix, because it can get tough. Then, a light brush with olive oil, some salt and pepper, and they are ready for the scorching hot grill.

Cheese selection can make or break the whole thing, so we use two slices of smoked gouda, which is creamy, smoky and slightly tangy. You'll literally abhor the idea of ever using another cheese after you discover a smoked gouda burger. I bet you're in your fridge right now throwing all that cheddar in the trash.
Apply the cheese at the last minute and close the grill lid for a melty finish.

For accoutrements, we add bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion and some sweet/spicy habanero bread and butter pickles that Pregceratops made during the fall. Add a fresh potato roll and the perfect burger is complete.

To appease our cardiologist, we had a light tomato cucumber mozzarella salad on the side. Email me at for the recipe for the pickles and the salad.
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