Thursday, June 16, 2011

Grilled Pizza!!!!

I credit my brother for inspiring me to be a better cook and for recommending a good brand of store bought pizza dough mix. I credit Bobby Flay for being a big dork, but cooking food that looks good, including a grilled pizza on some show the other day.

My bro said he and his wife make pizza using Martha White dough mix ($.99, only ingredient needed is hot water, which is even cheaper). I bought 4 packs, in case I ruined several, and they couldn't have been tastier. After following the package instructions for mixing the dough and letting it rise for about ten minutes, I stretched it into a semi-round shape and brushed both sides with olive oil. Then, I slapped it straight on the hot, clean grill. With the lid down, I cooked it for about three minutes per side, and it was perfectly done, including cool looking grill lines. Super easy.

With the help of my beautiful wife, Pregposterous, we then topped one crust with pizza sauce, mozzarella, sliced and cubed pepperoni, and dried oregano. Crust number two got garlic butter, a little mozzarella, sliced ribeye, red bell pepper slices and feta cheese. They then hit a sheet pan and went back on the grill until the toppings got melty and bubbly.
I hit the steak pizza with a little balsamic vinegar dribble, and we dug in.

Both pizzas were excellent. The steak one was the best, but it could have used a little tang, like maybe blue cheese instead of feta, or for the balsamic to reduce a little more. Other than that, it was incredible. You should try this one!!!

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