Sunday, June 26, 2011

If You Like Grilling, and You Don't Hate Money, Read On..........

Quick tip today. One barrier to cooking restaurant quality food at home is that your house doesn't have a little guy in the back who washes the dishes. Solution: Get a Dish Fairy. At our house, there is a Dish Fairy who cleans up after all my grilling. When I leave in the morning, there are dirty dishes everywhere, and when I come home, they are all clean! I was telling Pregzilla just the other day that we needed to leave out a thank you note for the Dish Fairy, the Laundry Fairy, and the Vacuuming Fairy for their hard work. She threw things. Sharp,heavy things.

Another barrier to cooking high quality at home is the expense of the multiple ingredients, especially fresh herbs and seasonings. Restaurants have tons of fresh ingredients on hand, so the cost per plate is watered down considerably, but if you want to eat that good at home, you have to buy all that stuff yourself, and then it may not keep for another meal.
Solution: Grow your own herbs at home. Seriously. I'm doing it. And making it manly.
I spent $10 just on fresh herbs at the grocery store for the pork chop dinner, and what's left over will be useless by tomorrow. Chimichurri? Loaded with fresh herbs. Almost everything that I cook that is worth not spitting out has fresh herbs. So, I said i was sick of it, and I went to a local nursery and got my grow on.

I got a plastic box to hang of the deck, literally three feet from Meat Blaster's hungry jaws, brackets to hang the box, a small bag of soil, and my very own replenishable crops of sage, rosemary, oregano, basil and thyme. I also got some seeds to grow some flat leaf parsley, my most commonly used herb.
Total cost for my efforts: $30. The herbs will grow fast enough that I should be able to use them exclusively all summer and fall without buying from the Man. Plus, I'll get some Charlottesville street cred with the Farmer crowd and the Unbathed Organic Braid-Your-Own-Clothes-From-Discarded-Hair crowd.


  1. P.S. If this goes well, I might look into other replenishable foods. I'm already thinking about asking Pregatron if we can buy a cow.......

  2. YOu know I liked that last paragraph the most..:) Good for you, growing your herbs! We need to do the same.

  3. You guys should definitely grow some food. We could have our own tiny little farmer's market.
    And no offense intended to the hair-wearing community. I have seen some very handsome woven hair garments on the downtown mall that anyone would be proud to own...