Thursday, June 16, 2011

Welcome to The Jacked Up Grill!

I am a Man. Some say THE man.......No one says that. The point is, I am a man. And as a man, I have the the desire, nay, the need, to cook meat with fire. The testoterone coursing through my partially clogged arteries demands that I assemble the essential elements of propane, my stainless steel grill (lovingly named "Meat Blaster"), and an ever-expanding assorment of proteins in new and interesting ways.

I have been stepping up my game on the grill for the past year, trying new sauces, marinades, side items and cooking techniques, and this webpage will chronicle my experiments, including victories and horribly burned, inedible failures. I am not a trained cook, but I am a very experienced eater, and it is my mission to make the food my family eats at home taste better than what we get at fancy grilling restaurants like Applebee's and Burger King.

I will include recipes for the dishes that my in-house food critics (pregnant wife and 1 year old son) deem worthy of eating again, and if you are feeling adventurous, give one of them a try.

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