Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Jacked Up Grill Wins!!! I am the Greatest Griller in the World!!!! Bring Me Your Finest Meats and Cheeses!!!

We totally won the Grilling With Jack Daniel's Contest from GrillGrrrl's blog.

I have gone into every contest or competition I've ever entered in my life with 100% conviction that I would win. It's just who I am. Sheer force of will alone has actually scored me quite a few victories. But usually, it's times like these, when I have no real training, skills or experience that I go down in flames. Like the time I entered that Tough Man Boxing competition and got my head clubbed repeatedly by a guy with tattoos all over his scalp. (We found out afterwards that inmates from a local prison were allowed to compete that night....seriously)
Anyways, the sun was officially shining on this dog's butt today, and my Ultimate Jack Daniel's Dinner brought home the prize: One bottle of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey!

Congratulations to my co-champion (also known as "runner-up), Meat, Inc., for his recipe for Jack Infused, bacon-wrapped, smoked Twinkies, which I will be trying tonight.

Thanks, GrillGrrrl, for providing a contest for me to dominate!

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