Friday, July 22, 2011

A New Weapon in the War on Meat!!!!

Thanks to the very helpful staff at The Happy Cook ( in Charlottesville for helping me choose the perfect chef's knife. I have been looking for a good knife for a while, and I went with the 10 inch Shun Classic by Kershaw.
Kershaw, of course, is a great favorite of mine for the fine pocket knives they make. A great example is the Kershaw Ken Onion Steven Seagal Edition Folder, which was a present a few years ago from Pregpocalypse.

If you read the Jacked Up Grill, and I'm confident there are at least two of you out there who do, then you must know that I am Steven Segal's Number One Fan.
You should watch Out For Justice tonight. Just because.

Anyways, back to knives. There was an 8 inch model of the Shun Classic on display in the knife window of The Happy Cook, and the very pleasant and helpful sales associate was kind enough to let me handle if I know the difference between a good knife and a bad knife.....and I was ready to leave. But then, I felt Steven Seagal speaking to me inside my head, which happens often.
Steven said "Justin.....I bet they have a bigger one....Ask her about a bigger one......"
So I asked, and they had a bigger one. It is like a meat slicing sword.
I begged Pregatron, and she let me have it. And now I will use it to cut food.
Stay tuned....

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